Florida Department of Health in Volusia County: Tobacco Prevention Program

Tobacco takes a huge toll on  our community, and we need your support to make a difference. We are working with community organizations and leaders committed to educating others about tobacco use, helping protect kids from tobacco, and strengthening local policies, especially those that protect the public from secondhand smoke. You can learn more on this page about what we are doing locally. Together, we can help create a healthier community. We hope you will be inspired to join us in our efforts to make Volusia County tobacco-free.

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A Tobacco-Free Volusia County


To mobilize youth and adults to develop and implement innovative prevention and education activities that empower Volusia County residents to promote healthy lifestyles through tobacco-free living.

Youth & Tobacco Issues

Despite a decrease in the number of smokers in recent years, more than 18,900 kids (under age 18) in Florida become new cigarette smokers each year. Considering nine out of 10 smokers start by age 18, it’s crucial to prevent kids from using tobacco during these pivotal years. Many youth have the attitude that they can “stop smoking at any time.” Unfortunately, the reality is quite different.

Tobacco Free Florida along with Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) and local partnerships, are committed to reduce youth smoking and tobacco use rates. We are educating youth and adults about how the tobacco industry targets youth, protecting young people from “starter” products like candy flavored tobacco and little cigars, and working with the community to limit our childrens’ access and exposure to tobacco. Because almost all smokers begin when they are kids, if we are able to eliminate youth smoking, we can end the tobacco epidemic.