Tobacco Free Partnership of Marion County Aims to Educate

June 10, 2019

The partnership may be well known among local organizations as the county’s leader in tobacco education, but the residents are strikingly less familiar with the objectives and success of the partnership. This year, the Tobacco Prevention Specialist has made attempts to expand the reach of the partnership’s message by educating populations in Dunnellon and Belleview in addition to the Ocala area.

The audiences reached were both pleased to have the education, and shocked by the information. Information that Tobacco Free Kids shares, like the fact that 480,000 tobacco related deaths occur each year which is more than alcohol related deaths, other drug use, car accidents, suicide, homicide, and AIDS; combine them all and tobacco related deaths are still more numerous. Also, Just the Facts tells us that the tobacco industry’s advertisings costs amount to 1 million dollars every hour, and that the executives are quoted in conversations targeting youth as future customers. Another fact the community was unaware of are the Assurances of Voluntary Compliance agreements that several convenience and retail stores have to ensure decreased exposure of tobacco and tobacco ads to youth that store managers don’t seem to know exist based on community surveys. Read More